Gender : Male
AGE: 11 weeks

Estimating To Be Around 3 To 4 Pounds Full Grown ⚖️
Unconditionally Loving Personality ❤️❤️
Perfect Addition To A Loving Household 👨‍👩‍👧


Get ready for nonstop action with this puppy at your side! This great, active boy will have you playing with him in no time. You just can’t help but want to play with him when you see him. He loves to go on adventures and hopes you’ll join him on them. Whether chasing the butterflies in the yard, or finding the cookie under the sofa, this impressive boy will have you laughing and loving him in no time. He comes with a health guarantee. He is up to date on his vaccination and dewormer. Also he has been raised around small children and other animals as well. Don’t miss out on making him part of your family contact me today.

All puppies purchased from us come with the following;

  1.  Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee.
  2.  Health Guarantee.
  3. Airline approved crate.
  4. ISO Microchip.
  5. Health Certificate.
  6.  Age appropriate shots
  7. Food Menu.
  8. Play toys and treat.
  9. Blanket, collar and leash. 
  10. AKC Application.
  11. Vitamins
  12. Food Samples
  13. Free Shipping

All puppies sold are delivered to buyer’s address within 48 hours of purchase.  All purchases are covered with a 30 days 100% Money Back  Guarantee.  We have an easy return and refund policy.  Photos on our website a most recent, it is updated every other day. 

The current promotion on our website includes free home delivery.  There is no additional charge for home delivery.  If purchased while the promo is on, the total you will be paying is $550 per puppy or $849 for two.




Teacup chihuahua puppies for sale

To begin with teacup chihuahua puppies for sale, me you must have checked around other breeds like cavapoo,poodle etc.

Also, it is combination of cavalier and poodle to form the chihuahua,but you need to know the breed is not AKC.

Many customers always find it difficult to differentiate between AKC and Hybrid. In the same light, they are the most creative creatures on earth

Furthermore, it is know for high level of nature which makes superb animals for a loving home.

Also, they make super families canines and individual mates.

They love to play around, snuggle and be important for the family.

They are little and don’t require unnecessary measures of activity to keep them upbeatable.

Teacup chihuahua puppies for sale

Furthermore these a little breeds chihuahua, is a good combination and so playful with kids and other dogs.

Known to be cordial, savvy, and delightful.

chihuahua are rapidly finding their way into many pet guardians hearts.

As a canine who does well in both huge and little families, and who loves to play get however much they love to twist up on your lap.

it doesn’t take long to perceive any reason why such countless individuals.

They are also known as an originator canine, these enchanting little puppies are a genuinely new variety.

Falling into the mainstream classification of  blends,

Chihuahua are a blend between the ancient and today.

With a little height, an adjusted head, and floppy ears.

these canines convey the presence of a pup for almost their whole lives.

Because of the normally more modest height of the Maltese,

Last but not the least,the they are’ parent,

will be one of the two more modest toy sizes (Toy or micro).

Since there can be a slight difference between the size of the chihuahua parent.

Chihuahua will, hence, additionally fluctuate in size.

they the normal tallness for these canines is between 8 to 14 inches tall, and their normal weight is between 5 to 20 pounds.



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